Writer-producers at CCM develop the compositional and technological skills to realize their artistic vision in our world-class recording studios. Through private lessons with renowned composers and producers, hands-on experience with recording technology and digital audio workstations (DAWs), intensive genre study, and collaborations with students in various disciplines, you will refine your sound and possess the skills to create works for a variety of media. By the end of your program, you will have a professionally-recorded demo, electronic press kit, and even a music video to use to promote yourself.


PROGRAM PURPOSES: The purposes of the Artist Development Certificate Program are:

  • to establish an intermediate to advanced level of music production ability;
  • to provide at least one opportunity for students to publicly showcase their work;
  • to guide students along their journey to artistic self-discovery;
  • to improve students’ understanding of music technology;
  • to develop studio recording abilities through multiple session experiences;
  • to develop fluency in music theory, including notational skills and an understanding of advanced harmonic structures;
  • to develop fundamental aural skills, including the ability to recognize intervals and triads and transcribe simple melodies;
  • to instill a nuanced understanding of rhythm and accuracy of rhythmic interpretation;
  • to develop a comprehension of the history of American popular music;
  • to establish intermediate proficiency at the keyboard;
  • to establish skills for effective self-promotion in the digital realm;
  • to provide experience in music video production;
  • to equip students with a strong foundation for self-expression through popular music, as evidenced by:
    a small to medium-sized portfolio of recorded work and accompanying media.