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The voice performance curriculum at CCM is designed for the student who seeks to develop his or her unique voice as an expressive performing artist. Our rigorous courses emphasize vocal technique, thorough ear training, fluency in harmony, accurate pitch, stylistic phrasing, songwriting, and repertoire selection. During your time at CCM, your overall musicianship will quickly be strengthened, equipping you with the skills to become a highly capable, adaptable singer in today’s diverse music industry.Through intensive ensemble work and individualized private lessons, you’ll refine your unique artistic identity and develop a powerful stage presence as a vocalist. Receiving personalized instruction in contemporary music styles including pop, rock, R&B, jazz, and gospel will prepare you for live performance and studio work in the music business. You will perform frequently alongside your fellow voice majors as well as our world-renowned faculty members, who have deep experience the music industry and in academia. They will serve you as supportive mentors, guiding you in all aspects of modern music including performance, recording, songwriting & composition, and business savvy.At CCM, you will build a solid musical foundation which will enable you to begin working as a singer in the popular music industry. You will explore a diversity of styles, and master the music you’re most passionate about. CCM is the first step on the road to realizing your dream of becoming a professional musician.



Check out CCM vocal students performing in one of our quarterly concerts below: