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bobby halvorson, d.m.a.
adjunct faculty (voice)

Bobby Halvorson is a composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist from Northern California. Raised on the sounds of the Beach Boys, the Eagles, Simon & Garfunkel, and Joni Mitchell, his ear for harmony was keenly developed throughout his youth. After spending his formative years playing guitar, bass, drums, and singing in choirs, Bobby received his B.F.A. in music composition from UC Santa Barbara, where he composed for groups of all sizes and sounds including orchestra, choir, solo piano, and chamber ensembles.

Bobby went on to earn his M.F.A. and D.M.A. in performance and composition at the California Institute of the Arts. While at CalArts, Bobby discovered a new and more experimental voice (both figuratively and literally) by studying extended vocal techniques including throat singing, overtone singing, growling, and joiking (a style native to Scandinavia). He is currently writing music for Jomama Jones and The Murderous Cowboys, arranging for Van Dyke Parks, and fronting his own rock band, Bobby and the Nice Guys. Seeing an enormous value in the study and evolution of popular music idioms, Bobby seeks to integrate experimental popular music into the academic environment -- a subject which heretofore has scarcely been examined. Bobby brings exceptional academic and professional experience to CCM as a faculty instructor in voice, composition, and music theory.