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Associate Degree in Music
6 Quarters, 90 Credits

The Associate of Science Degree in Music Performance is the most in-depth and intensive program offered at CCM. Emphasizing thorough and polished musicianship, personal artistic mentoring, and preparation for the modern music industry, students in the associate degree program develop extensive practical real-world skills, creating and honing their own unique voice or playing style along the way.

Courses are taught by successful musicians with proven track records and a firm understanding of the complex expectations students will face in the industry. This rigorous 6-quarter program takes only a year and a half to complete, but in that time students are exposed to a diverse, well-rounded musical palate. Our associate degree program emphasizes thorough knowledge of musical styles and structures, technical proficiency, accuracy, and self-confidence. By graduation, students will have performed in front of live audiences, participated in recording sessions, created electronic music, and developed a portfolio to promote themselves in the music industry at large.

NOTE: The Associate of Science Degree in Music Performance is an occupational degree and does not include General Education requirements or specific preparation for study at the Baccalaureate level.

CCM accepts students into the Associate Degree in Music Performance program on the following instruments: