California College of Music offers four programs with emphases in voice, drums, bass, guitar, and piano/keyboard performance. Each program is designed to help students achieve their musical goals in an encouraging, creative, hands-on environment. Classes in each program are small- to medium-sized in order to strengthen learning and maximize the attention instructors are able to give each student. Class sizes never exceed 15 students (15:1 student to teacher ratio) in any course. New students take placement tests to determine the level at which they will begin their training.



6 quarters / 90 credits / 18 months

The Associate of Science Degree in Music Performance at CCM is the most in-depth and intensive program we offer. The program emphasizes thorough knowledge of musical structures, technical proficiency, accuracy, consistency, awareness, discipline, and self-confidence. Upon completion, students will have the opportunity to perform in front of live audiences, and to develop a portfolio of recordings that can be used to promote themselves after graduating.  LEARN MORE



4 quarters / 60 credits / 12 months

The Artist Development Program is designed for students who wish to spend time developing their work in the studio and taking electives customized to their personal interest.  By the end of the Artist Development Program, students will have the necessary tools for them to successfully promote their music in the modern industry.  LEARN MORE



4 quarters / 60 credits / 12 months

The Certificate Program is designed to produce musicians with masterful knowledge of their instruments as well as the business acumen to navigate the modern music industry successfully.  This program is best suited for students who seek a rigorous and challenging one-year program.  LEARN MORE



2 quarters / 30 credits / 6 months

The Apprentice Program equips students with extensive and practical real-world skills with courses taught by world-renowned professional musicians.  The Apprentice Program is the right choice for students who wish to quickly establish a firm foundation of musicianship for the modern industry.  LEARN MORE