The piano/keyboard performance curriculum at CCM is designed to develop superb technical ability, appropriate stylistic vocabulary, fluency in harmony and theory, excellent sight-reading, and improvisational confidence. Every piano/keyboard student at CCM builds the skills to become an effective accompanist, ensemble member, and studio session player, and emerges well-prepared to meet the needs of today’s diverse music industry.

Vladimir Horowitz said, “The piano is the easiest instrument to play in the beginning, and the hardest to master in the end.” At CCM, we hold the thorough classical tradition of piano pedagogy in high reverence, while valuing the piano as a versatile and expressive “master instrument” that can be powerful and practical in almost any musical style. We will teach you how to unlock its secrets and harness it’s potential in the modern popular music industry.

Personalized private lessons will help you develop a familiarity and master of all major contemporary styles, including pop, rock, R&B, jazz, and gospel. You’ll learn how to use synthesizers and contemporary keyboard technology to powerfully enhance your live performances and studio productions. Our world-renowned faculty members have deep experience the music industry and in academia, and they will serve you as supportive mentors, guiding you in all aspects of modern piano playing including performance, recording, songwriting & composition, and business savvy. CCM is the smartest first step on your journey towards becoming a professional pianist/keyboardist.