California College of Music is a forward-thinking modern popular music college that offers programs in music performance (voice, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards) and artist development (singer-songwriters and writer-producers). Our longest program is the 18-month Associate of Science in Music Performance degree program; we also offer the 12-month Artist Development Certificate and Certificate in Music Performance programs, the 6-month Apprentice in Music Performance program, and the 8-week Preparatory Quarter program.


Our mission is to educate musicians effectively, empowering them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to express themselves dynamically through modern popular music.

Our vision is to create an inspiring, diverse, and inclusive higher education space in which students, faculty, and members of the community may gather together to study, create, perform, record, and share music.

STUDY: When we study modern popular music, we research the techniques that have shaped music that has had wide appeal across contemporary populations through its inherent memetic value. Our institutional curriculum and repertoire exist in order to guide, model, and inform experiential and explorative processes without seeking to restrict or delimit the popular music space.

CREATE: When we create new music, we are not only expressing ourselves through the medium of sound, we are creating unique artistic capital which has the power to transform lives both economically and emotionally. We pledge to respect all forms of intellectual property regardless of style or content, and remain non-judgmental towards the process and product of others.

PERFORM: When we perform popular music, we engage openly with a public listenership in an attempt to connect over shared human experience. We pledge to seek new avenues for live and recorded performances that question existing models, trouble the status quo where necessary, and connect audiences of disparate backgrounds across temporal and geographical boundaries.

RECORD: We believe that the recording studio is a primary performance space for modern popular music. The recorded master is the truest representation of an original composition meant for mass appeal, and therefore we seek to provide excellent studio spaces for sonic experimentation and invention in which new musical recordings can be arranged, engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered. Through excellent mentorship in studio craft, etiquette, and process, all of our students develop recorded material meant to catalyze their musical futures.

SHARE: As Nietzche famously wrote, “Without music life would be a mistake.” Indeed, access to music and the other arts is intrinsic to a high quality of life. Popular music has the power to incite happiness and enjoyment of life, enrich and sustain our individual lives, and create community. As devotees of popular music, we recognize that our music exists not only for our fellow musicians and academics to analyze and consume, but for all people everywhere (including non-musicians) to enjoy and integrate into their lives. For this reason, the sharing and wide distribution of our music is essential, and we must examine the evolving modalities in which music is successfully disseminated in the modern age.”



California College of Music is a forward-thinking modern popular music college that accepts students from all over the world. Originally founded in 1999 as Pasadena International Music Academy, the school first blossomed under the leadership of legendary trombonist Wayne Henderson and Grammy-winning producer Reggie Dozier, who designed our educational facility to double as a well-outfitted recording studio. In recent years, under the direction and guidance of current Dean Daniel Brummel, M.M., and the institutional Board of Directors, California College of Music has become known for its distinguished faculty of experienced music industry professionals, its focus on popular music performance and production, and the encouraging environment it provides for its students and the community at large to participate in music-making.

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Here in Los Angeles County, we live in the heart of the global music industry, with many recording studios and live performance venues in close proximity. California College of Music is filled with musicians every day, giving students the opportunity to make valuable connections and find their foothold in the music scene. Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood are also just minutes away, so world-class musical artists are constantly performing nearby.



California College of Music is located at 42 S. Catalina Avenue in Pasadena, California, conveniently situated near the Gold Line Metro Rail and the 210, 134, and 110 freeways, providing our students with easy access to all major destinations in the Los Angeles area. Pasadena’s diversity and history of artistic vibrancy make it an ideal location for music study. With its unique blend of an urban feel with residential charm, Pasadena is a safe, fun city — perfect for aspiring young music students.