The Community Outreach Initiative at CCM is designed to allow members of the local community to take college-level courses in music at a greatly reduced rate. In short, we allow residents of Los Angeles County to take almost any course we offer at the rate of $50 per unit. Depending on the courses you choose, that works out to only $5 to $10 per class!

Join our contemporary ensemble, get acquainted with the latest in music technology, learn music theory, study the music business, or explore the history of popular music. Work on your instrumental technique, take a songwriting course, train your ears, practice your sight-reading, or build your press kit. All this and more is possible through Community Outreach at CCM. To receive more information about Community Outreach at CCM, please call (626) 577-1751 or email [email protected].

Community Outreach students receive full credit for each course they pass, which may later be applied towards completion of our Associate Degree, Artist Development, Certificate or Apprentice programs. Students enroll in classes through Community Outreach without a defined program of study, and are not subject to the full admissions and audition requirements of our academic programs. We do require, however, that Community Outreach students speak fluent English and be at least 17 years of age; special exceptions to the age requirement may be made for students as young as 14 (but not younger) with the written permission of the student’s parent/guardian. Community Outreach students may enroll in a maximum of 6 units per quarter and a lifetime maximum of 20 units per person.