The California College of Music is a forward-thinking modern popular music college that accepts students from all over the world. We are known for our supportive environment and distinguished faculty of experienced music industry professionals. Our mission is to empower musicians with the skills and confidence to to express themselves dynamically. CCM is an inspiring, diverse, and inclusive place to study, create, perform, record, and share popular music!


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Our admissions staff is dedicated to help guide international students from applying to a program to finding housing.

We believe an excellent college music education should be made affordable to everyone. That’s why we have a tradition of granting large scholarships for talented musicians.


We offer a variety of programs

The Associate of Science Degree in Music Performance is the most in-depth and intensive program offered at CCM. Emphasizing thorough and polished musicianship, personal artistic mentoring, and preparation for the modern music industry, students in the associate degree program develop extensive practical real-world skills, creating and honing their own unique voice or playing style along the way.

The Certificate Program is a rigorous and challenging one-year curriculum designed to produce musicians with masterful knowledge of their instruments as well as the business acumen to navigate the modern music industry successfully.

The Artist Development Certificate at CCM is designed with talented recording artists, singer-songwriters, and producers/engineers in mind. Musicians who wish to spend time developing their work in the studio and taking electives customized to their personal interests will find the Artist Development Program perfectly suited to their needs.