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The guitar performance curriculum at CCM is designed to develop excellent fretboard technique, appropriate stylistic vocabulary, fluency in harmony, improvisational confidence, and songwriting ability. Every guitar student at CCM builds the skills to become a proficient, adaptable guitarist to meet the needs of today’s diverse music industry.

Through frequent comprehensive ensemble work and personalized private lessons, you’ll develop your abilities as both an impressive lead guitarist and a strong rhythm player. Receiving individual instruction in contemporary guitar styles including pop, rock, R&B, jazz, and gospel will prepare you for live performance and studio work in the music business. You will perform frequently alongside your fellow guitar majors as well as our world-renowned faculty members, who have deep experience the music industry and in academia. They will serve you as supportive mentors, guiding you in all aspects of modern guitar playing including performance, recording, songwriting & composition, and business savvy.

Here at CCM you’ll participate in an engaging hands-on education that constantly challenges you to take your talent to new heights. Our immersive environment directly mirrors the ever-evolving music industry. You’ll learn how to design and manipulate pedal boards, multi-effects, and different amplifiers to achieve a variety of great-sounding tones. You will explore a diversity of styles, and master the music you’re most passionate about. CCM is the smartest first step on your journey towards becoming a pro guitarist.


Check out a CCM guitar student performing in one of our quarterly concerts below: